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    Anyone succeed on installing iGo 2006 on the Treo 750v (WM6)?

    I succeed to install but, the "resolution" of the screen becomes then 320*240, so it's the screen is not clear...

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    I recently installed iGO 2006 on my Treo 750. Works quite well, except that turn by voice drops off after about 5 minutes of driving (this is probably an obscure setting too). The screen resolution should be automatic, but if not you can access the setting through Settings\
    General Settings and hitting the display tab for the portrait screen. Also check that Settings\Advanced\Display Options\Force QVGA Mode is not checked.

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    I just upgraded my 750 to WM6, and after re-installing iGo 2006 I'm having the same resolution problem: the display appears to be set for 320x240, but the touchscreen is still 240x240, so I have to guess where to tap.

    I couldn't find the QVGA option to uncheck under Settings/Advanced/Display Options. Am I missing something?

    Also, does anyone know how to stop iGo from searching all my contacts? I have more than 2K contacts, and the search usually results in crashes because the memory becomes full.
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    try this...see if it works...i personally dont use it but i read it somewhere..

    Create a new txt file and put these two lines inside:


    and save it as SYS.txt
    copy that file to the main iGO folder and that's it.

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