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    Hello everyone:

    I'm new here. I just bought my 700wx 3 weeks ago, and I love it!!!!

    This is my first smartphone, and I'm truly impressed. I've loaded Google Maps, and Resco Radio so far and they are both very cool.

    Does anyone know of any free games I can get for my 700wx??

    Also, has anyone tried Slingbox? I've read so many positive things about it.
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    i can speak for the slingbox and the slingbox mobile app by saying this ... KICK A$$ . you do need an unlimited data plan for your phone and a broadband connection at home capable of at least 512 k upload (although more is certainly better) . as for free games for your 700wx ... a simple google search will lead you in the right direction
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    I've searched the entire internet with no luck at all. Does anyone have any games they can send to me?
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    Eh... I'm not too big of a gamer, but I did get Crazy Daisy, Cubis, & Astraware Sudoku from Palm by all the various ways... Palm usually gives a few games away, if you register your phone or take a survey or something... you could always try exploring their site. Otherwise, Freewareppc is the way to go, just be on the lookout for the screen size compatibility
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    Quote Originally Posted by captblaze View Post
    Many of the games listed there will not appear correctly on the 700wx 240x240 screen as most are designed for 320x240 (QVGA) or 640x480 (VGA) screen resolutions. Look for games that are compatible with SQVGA (square 240x240). About 10% of those programs will work with the 700wx and of those about 1/3 will run without screen/stylus alignment issues. You will have a lot better luck downloading commercial demos specifically designed for the square screen.

    However, there are a slew of freeware games that will work well with this device, many of them were written for older WinCE devices (it is backwards compatible). Use Google to search for the software and the locations change or may no longer be available.

    Fishocopter by Pocketnew (side shooter)
    Invaders by Implicit software solutions (issued by Microsoft 4Q'06 do a Google for a download link - very good)
    Li-Nuggz X-Mas edition by Elements Interactive (playable, but stylus doesn't line up well)
    Nine Hole Golf by OmniG Software (issued by Microsoft 1Q'07 do a Google for a download link - very good)
    Pocket Sand by Bitfire Mobile Entertainment (playing with colored sand)
    Freepong by IntelliArt
    Chess by Valentin Iliescu
    4-In-Line by Filip Pankau (playable, but stylus doesn't line up well -- Connect 4))
    Smart Mahjongg by Christian Morawietz
    Advanced Lines for PocketPC Version 1.1 (puzzle)
    Dots Version 1.1.1 by Ilium Software (puzzle)
    Peter's GameBox 2.5 by Peter Balogh (8 games some are formatted correctly)
    Kevtris 2.0 by Kevin Hsu (2nd best free tetris clone)
    SmartPairs by Lawrence Patricio (matching pairs)
    Snowed in 5 by Clickgamer (they offer seasonal freebies, keep an eye on them, very similar game play in each of their games)
    S-Tris 2 by Elements Interactive (best free tetris clone)
    Pocket Sudoku 0.9 by Emil Andersson
    GoDB Version 3.9 by GoDBTech (tic-tac-toe)
    BombSquad CE v0.2 by W. Thaler (mines)
    Shades'n'Shadows V 1.0.6 by Roy Schneider (side shooter)
    I.C.B.M. Version 1.3 by Geoff Macdonald (missle command)
    3D Pocket Tic-Tac-Toe v0.81 (needs tweaking otherwise bottom board is off screen)
    PocketMoku v.1.0 by RifcoMobile (connect 5 in a row)
    SnakeSP by Frijj2k (Snake - splash screen has issues, game is good)
    Swirly ver 1,0,0,2 by (a screensaver you can manipulate with the stylus)

    There are about a dozen more freeware games that will work (mainly card and puzzle variety), but they all have some minor issues, but are playable.

    If anyone has any additional freeware to add to this list please add them here as I like a good program.

    Enjoy, and good luck.

    P.S. There is a freeware of "Cubis" on your distribution CD-ROM that you can also install (the yellow Sprint disk)
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    Anyone know where to get checkers thats formatted for the treo's screen?

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