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    this happened to me also. Ive never used BT or a headset on my device. 3 days ago i went to answer a call, and i couldnt hear anything. i put it on speakephone, and i could hear. then that quit working. then the next day, it worked once. then i took the device to the sprint store, they replaced the earpiece, and did a hard reset, nothing. they gave me a new phone, which i had to return the next day, because the charge port was broken! lol..
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    g-funkster> yes i really dont want to deal with Telus to service the you think that going to an official store will help me replacing my phone? this is a corporate phone and not sure that the store can replace the phone...that is why i need a 3rd party to help me.
    will that guy know what to do? do you have his email addy? thanks

    Does anyone else know anyway to solve this issue!!!!
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    Does anyone know if this guy TC member 'nonobeez' is trusted when sending your phone to him? Has anyone shipped out your phone to him for work fixing the audio jack? please let me know thanks!!!
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    He is very trustworth...

    Try asking in the previously mentioned thread (650 forum)... I have fixed plenty of Palm Treos, all with happy customers.
    .Treo Pro on Sprint Check out, Audio jack fix.
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    have you ever worked on a treo 700wx? pleae let me know
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    Select his username above his pic and send him an email, he may not be subscribed to this thread so he may never see your question.
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    Hey everyone, i just go my phone back from nonobeez and wanted to say that he did a great job. The phone's earpiece works now when i make calls! So everyone that has this type of problem send your phones to him to fix the problem!!!
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