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    There was a lot of talk about it a few months back, and then POOF... Nothing.

    I searched around to see how development is going, when it will be made public (sadly i wasn't one of the few lucky testers), and if they are still passing out codes for testers.
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    I'd like to know too. Anybody?
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    They're doing a public beta, last I heard.... Anyone tried it yet?
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    I tried it. Deepfish made my Mogul crawl. I think Opera Mini is better anyway.
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    Haven't heard anything from Microsoft since the whole March beta launch. Hmmmm.....
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    I'm hoping what's going on is that they're adding "zoom to div" instead of their generic zoom.
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    I don't think they know what is going on with Deepfish.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dimitri View Post
    I don't think they know what is going on with Deepfish.
    Well, in fairness Deepfish was a "technology demonstration release", not even a beta.

    My bet: you won't see the full version till "Photon" is released (and when was the last we heard about that? lol )

    They have a bunch of stuff they're working on. Remember they even demonstrated how Vista "Gadgets" aka Widgets can work on WM--showing the same info on your desktop as your handheld.

    And whatever happened to the X-Box 360 app for WM?

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    Anyone have an update on this one?
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    i hope they do the intelligent zoom like Opera's Mobile 9 looks like its working on.. right now im waiting for that since im a Mobile 8 user, I tried to research Deepfish but dint come up with much more then they did a beta test and now they aren't, but still no news.... ehh
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    WMExpers has a link to a "Windows Mobile browser smackdown" over at

    Over there they state the following regarding Deepfish:
    *Deepfish may be a viable alternative to Opera, but Microsoft hasn't accepted new testers into their pool for several months and hasn't updated their team blog since March.

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