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    I am using two POP3 email accounts (Comcast and GoDaddy) on my Palm Treo 700wx (Sprint). Everything worked OK for the first month I used it but now I do not receive email sent to the above accounts. However, intermittently I am able to send email from both accounts.

    Comcast sends me to Palm, Palm sends me to Sprint, and GoDaddy didn't offer much assistance.

    My settings have not changed since I had it working, which are:


    Incoming Mail:
    Outgoing Mail:


    Incoming Mail: 110
    Outgoing Mail: 3535

    Under the "Options" Tab for both accounts I have Outgoing Mail Requires Authentication Checked but Requires SSL connection not checked.

    Is there something I need to revise or check? Port number settings correct?

    Any helpful hints out there will be appreciated.
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    I had a similar problem when I first set up my Yahoo via IMAP. Have you tried deleting both accounts from your phone completely and then setting them up from scratch? (I deleted the account, ran a soft reset of my Treo, then set it up again.)
    David Swinehart
    Palm Treo 700wx, Dell Latitude X1, Wish I had a Foleo
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    Thanks very much for the heads up on the fix idea. As you advised, I deleted the accounts, did a "soft reset", and both accounts (for now) are now receiving incoming email.

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