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    Hello all.

    My first post but a HUGE lurker.

    Tomorrow I am getting cell phone. My first in a while. Was thinking about getting the 700p (I used to have the 650 and loved it) but I have been reading not so good things. I decided I might look into the wx.

    I know you guys cant tell me what to do but I know some of you give great advice. i could use some. Thanks!
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    Windows operating system easier to navigate for me!!!
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    I was along time Palm Treo person...300, 600,650,700p.

    I made the switch and never looked back.

    Much more stable and multitasking make it a no brainer.

    Plus, apps are nice. Live Search is awesome.

    The 700wx is not as "snappy" as the 700p, but I will take stability and mutlitasking any day of the week.

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