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    There several site I enjoy watch but it won't work it show billion code for movie so they require quicktime to run movie.

    Thank and I am use IE.
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    QuickTime is not available for Windows mobile.
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    Then is there way to watch video? What program can do?
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    WM devices natively support WMV files. TCPMP supports AVI and others.
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    Where that program will be? It free or must pay? It easy to install? Thank
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    You want the pocket pc version. You can either download the exe installer which you run on your pc while the sync cable is attached to your treo. Or you can download the cab file directly to your treo and run it from file explorer to install.
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    That work for download video but some website don't have but if I click that video it be freeze which require restart. It will work if download video but site don't allow that.

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