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    I think i have a permanent fix to the bluetooth versus speaker announcements for voice command that some users have but I am not knowledgable enough in Mortscript to write the code for this. I know all that needs to be done is: make a registry change first ( I know what keys they are) or import a regkey, and then run the application IdTransfer which routes all announcements to the bluetooth earpiece. Finally to hide the application or minimize the IdTransfer window out of view. This is the earpiece script that we need. To return to speaker announcements I would just assume doing the exact opposite: return registry to original key, then close IdTransfer. This is the speaker script we need. I hope I explained this properly as my programming logic is terrible, and thats why I ask for help from this talented community
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    I think you will need to further explain what problem you are trying to solve. What is this IdTransfer app and where do you get it? What device are you testing this on?
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    Sorry I got a little ahead of myself as I forgot I post on many forums. This is generally pertaining to all WM5 devices at least 3.3 or higher ROM running Microsoft Voice Command. Many users are not able to get the incoming voice announcements specifically phone calls to route to bluetooth even though the settings allow them to do so. It only plays out of the speaker. Then comes a great developer called Bad Sector who wrote an app called ID Transfer that you run when you want announcements to come through earpiece without always leaving channel open. This effectively makes Voice Command do what its supposed to do but it invloves running a second app (id transfer and making a settings change from within voice command when you want to switch from announce to speaker or announce to earpiece. Now we have mortscript a scripting program for WM5 that allows us to combine steps using dos command and batch files. I am writing a one click solution to solve this whole thing.... Whew thats alot. Almost done with first script will post soon.
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    All indications are that this will not work on Treo's because of the now well-known BT hardware issue.

    See this discussion:,180.html

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