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    Hey Guys, I'm thinking of buying a Treo 750, as you all already have one do you recommend it?
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    I would recommend it. I think it's basically the best all around WM PDA device.
    Having said that, I may be getting the AT&T Tilt (aka HTC Kaiser) that will show up in a few weeks. While I prefer the Treo form factor and software presentation, and don't like the slider keyboard design, I'm interested in the features that the Tilt has that the Treo doesn't (better camera, Wifi, GPS.)
    But it'll be hard leaving my (well loved) treo for this 'other woman.'

    So having said that. What are your reasons for being interested in the Treo 750, or are you simply looking for a PDA/phone?
    What led you to the Treo 750?
    How do you plan to use it?

    More information about your interest in it and how you use it may help (at least me) recommend if it's the best device for you.

    But in conclusion, I love it and still recommend it unless you're interested in something it doesn't provide, of course.

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