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    Hello all, I have a quick question. I have a AT&T branded 750 which is locked. I have the unlimited data package and was curious about tethering it to my laptop and if there would be additional charges from AT&T. I looked at their site and found this:

    "NOTE: Customers who wish to tether with a PDA device and have an unlimited PDA data plan will need to upgrade their rate plan to a Data Connect Plan for Laptops. Unlimited Data Connect Plans for PDA do not include tethering capabilities and may incur additional charges."

    So I logged into my account to look at the features available to see how much the cost would be but I could not find it anywhere. I know I shoud call AT&T but to be honest, I really don't like talking to their customer service. Seems like when ever I call with the same problem, I get several different answers.

    Does anyone have any experience with tethering their 750 to their laptop? If so, what data package do you have and what was the additional cost? Is there a work around to make this work with the standard unlimited data package and not incur additional costs? To be honest, it feels like I'm getting nickled and dimed to death by AT&T. They have one of the most expensive data packages but it's only good for certain types/amounts of data... what the heck is that all about? Thanks for any suggestions you may have!
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    I have the same data package and phone as you i think.. I got a treo 750 and i am paying 44.99 a month for the unlimited data and M2M text's... I thought you could just use your laptop and connect to it via bluetooth, but I may be wrong.. Im still new to my phone so I havent tried it yet, but I will be soon enough.

    So I to would like to know the answer to that question.
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    ShuckyD, you can connect using the USB sync cable or via bluetooth. From the verbage I quoted on AT&T's site though, it appears that they want to get some more $ out of you if you want to use it as a modem for your laptop.
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    so i should still be able to use it fine for occasional email with my laptop via the cable or if i wanted bluetooth..?

    Its just that AT&T wants a piece of the pie? although it will still work anyway
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    Yes, you can use it when every you want but if you don't have their "Special" package for laptop use then you are going to get some extra fees on your next bill. I don't like their extra fee's, they add up really quick. I was dating a gal who called all the time and would talk for hours. I got my phone bill after first meeting her, it was over $350 because I went over my talk time. Normally my bill was about $110. So, needless to say I upgraded my plan.
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    how would they "know" its being used through a laptop? Just because of an increase in data usage? If so who's to say that watching YouTube videos or some other bandwidth intensive thing isnt being done on the Treo itself...
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    I have been using PDNET to use my Treo as modem to connect to the Internet. I have an PDA unlimited data connect plan and have never received extra charges. A couple of days ago I began using my treo to access the internet via internet sharing program. So far, I checked my bill online and the no charges for my connection so far.
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    What AT&T doesn't tell you is that all of the data plans are the same, they all work the same way, and there's no difference between the $20 media max data plan, $40 pda plan, or $60 laptop plan.
    Well almost none, there is one difference which I'll explain. But the point is tethering or not, you'll never be charged a single penny more than your flat unlimited rate no matter what you do.

    AT&T doesn't differentiate tethered data vs. phone-originated. To them it's all used the same way. The phone logs in to the data APN and uses data and in some case that can be coming/going to the laptop.

    Officially for tethering or laptop data cards alike, you're supposed to have the $60 "laptop connect" aka "data connect" unlimited plan.

    So what's the difference?
    Here's a little primer on data plans.... AT&T has 3 access points (APN's or Access point names.)
    1) wap.cingular
    2) isp.cingular

    #3 is only on blackberry plans and it's necessary to use blackberry connect for your Treo if you were to try to use it. Otherwise, it's not interesting for this discussion.

    For ALL AT&T phones (flip/bar phones,) Windows mobile, Symbian, Palm OS, laptop cards, and tethering.. in other words EVERYTHING that's not a Blackberry, they use APN #1 and #2 above (wap.cingular or isp.cingular.)

    wap.cingular = NAT IP address. Basically IP address sharing you find on any corporate or home router.
    isp.cingular = Public IP address. Exists for the purpose of supporting VPN clients, some of which have trouble working over NAT.

    wap.cingular is intended for use with all phones, PDAs, etc.
    isp.cingular is intended for data cards and tethering.
    However, they're not mututally exclusive to those operations. You can use a phone on isp.cingular and tether on wap.cingular for example.

    OK, now the data plans:
    $20 Media Max 200 = wap.cingular only
    $40 PDA "personal" Max (1500 text messages) = wap.cingular only
    $40 PDA Connect Unlimited (aka PDA39) (no text messages) aka PDA enterprise = wap.cingular + isp.cingular
    $60 laptop plan = wap.cingular + isp.cingular

    Any plan with "tethering" will include isp.cingular + wap.cingular.
    Any plan with "Personal" in the name will be wap.cingular only.

    OK so what does all of this mean?
    None of this means anything except that I'm trying to explain how the different data plans aren't different.

    If you have a data plan that includes isp.cingular, you can use as well as tether on isp.cingular. If you have a plan with wap.cingular only, tether and only use wap.cingular, never use isp.cingular.

    On plans that don't include isp.cingular, it should simply fail to connect. But to be safe make sure you don't see any kind of "internet pay per use" or similar wording on your features list. that would mean wap.cingular is unlimited and isp.cingular is "pay per use" rates.
    This is how you'd get burned by a big bill and how people have been burned in the past. But AT&T seems to have fixed the problem and no longer put isp.cingular PPU on accounts anymore.
    Just simply be aware of this so you can avoid it.

    What APN you're using, you'll have to drill down in to the connection settings. The profile "My ISP" as well as "Media Net" are both set up by default to use wap.cingular (aka works on all plans.) Media net only differs in that it's set up to use a proxy.

    You can also get more on this on a page I published here:
    Note, this is outdated. it was written before they introduced "PDA Personal" Max, so it doesn't reflect those new plans. But it is still educational if you want to know more about the difference between APNs.

    Having said all of that, I have Media Max 200 and have had it for 4+ years on Treos. I've tethered, and use my SIM in laptop cards. I've never been charged extra. to be charged extra would be a billing error that AT&T should resolve.
    PDANet is the easiest way to tether on a Treo 750.
    When you get the WM6 upgrade, it has internet sharing built in which takes away the need for PDANet.
    Note on WM6, the use "My ISP" not "ICS." "ICS" is set up to use isp.cingular.
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    Thanks Taylorh! One question I have is when I go to settings-connections-manage existing connections, my modem is showing wap.cingular, do I need to change this? I was a little confused of I needed to change this or not. If I do, would you mind sharing what I need to change and where to find it, I would be very grateful.

    In regards to you stating there is no way they would know, you are absolutely correct. I was out running around last night and while standing in line I was sending a text on my phone. Anyways, the guy next to me asked how I liked the phone and we got to chatting. Turned out he works for AT&T. So I asked him about it and he said there is really no way for them to tell, they only indicator would be an obcene amount of data usage but even then they wouldn't know for sure. He basically told me not to worry about it. So, just thought I'd share that with you all.
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    Is there supposed to be any speed difference between ISP and WAP?

    I am thinking not since you probably would have mentioned but just trying to be sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dsol View Post

    Is there supposed to be any speed difference between ISP and WAP?

    I am thinking not since you probably would have mentioned but just trying to be sure.

    There is not supposed to be a difference. Over the years I've seen people do speed test and one always comes out a little faster than the other. I assume it's just congestion and load on the different onces. Sometimes isp is faster, sometimes wap is faster. And since the big upgrade for the iPhone, I doubt there's an issue on wap.

    In any case, no. There is no intentional speed difference.
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    I will jump in with my two cents quickly. I also have used Media Max for my Treo's for over 3 years and from time to time tether it to my laptop. I have never been charged extra (knock on wood). I have always used WAP as my access point. Tethering is not as fast as WiFi, but when a spot is not available, it sure it handy.
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