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    and realmail navigation works, unlike the AT&T one.
    Newness Developments apps:

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrunchDude View Post
    Is the WM6 from the xda developer's site a Vodafone version???
    I think is a rom.

    BTW what are the changes in the WM6 english between UK and US version ?

    No dustbin V.S. trashcan as in Windows 95 (and no Happy Xmas V.S. merry Xmas)

    Just curious. (I'm Italian) ;

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    Does anyone know of where you can download the 750 Recovery Tool.
    I've looked all over my computer without any success to find the 750 Recovery Tool and am unable to find it. My 750v didn't update properly and is not functioning, buggy, and essentially inert to the network.

    Can't find a link on the Palm EU website and the directions they give doesn't lead me anywhere.
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    Unpack updater .exe file using winrar and you'll have recovery tool exe there.
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    Found it. My phone is finally up and working after being down all weekend.
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    Is there anyway to get the actual AT&T branded WM5 ROM?
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    Quote Originally Posted by scubaduba View Post
    Is there anyway to get the actual AT&T branded WM5 ROM?
    Unsure if it's Cingular or AT&T-branded, but it's been posted at xda-dev since the leaked WM6 came out. Hope that helps.
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    Thanks. The only WM5 ROM's I've seen on XDA reference Cingular so I assumed it was not AT&T branded.
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    3 Australia's release of WM6 may be newer than the Vodafone one, the firmware is

    I have installed this version but replaced the CapPackage to the Vodafone one..

    Here is a link
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