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    I just got a bluetooth gps and I am looking for a good program to use, I am using live search but I am looking for something with more options
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    Live Search and google maps are the only free ones I know of. Try google maps out.
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    I use TomTom6 and also iGuidance 3 on my Treo 700Wx. Both work well. I like the soft-key support on TT and the better 3d maps.
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    Anyone know a good gps program with topographs?
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    I spent a few hours yesterday trying GPS progs on a 700wx and found Beeline GPS had the best feature set of the various progs I happened to try. I think it accepts topo (.jpg, .etc.) or other maps which can be calibrated for direct use.

    Please let me know which topo GPS software you might otherwise converge on as I am also in the market.

    Now I can't find a way to get topo maps into Beeline GPS, my fault.


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    Anyone know a good gps program with topographs?
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    i use iGuidance 3 on my axim x30i, the best ive used. im bout to install it on my 700wx and let you know how it goes. is should work fine.
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    I know TomTom isn't free, but is iGuidance free?
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    Just got my holux m1000 gps unit for my 700wx. So far I've used Google maps, Live Search, Yahoo Go! v2, TomTom 6, and Beeline.

    TT6 is very slick. I've owned a stand alone unit in the past (for a week or so) and this performs just as well. When calculating a route from the far north side of Las Vegas to the south side takes about 30-45 seconds max. Re-routing on the fly is much quicker - about 5 secs or less. It doesn't speak the street name aloud though - just directions. And very fluidly. It displays MPH and direction of travel in simple 3D.

    I've found that Live search map is the most accurate and the fastest. When zoomed in max, even the parking spot I'm in is spot on! Plus, you can view it in full screen which is a definite plus on our lil 240x240 screens.

    Yahoo Go! leaves me irritated. It has potential but is sloooooow. The map doesn't zoom in far at all. And closing out the app freezes my treo up for a minute at a time. And it's difficult to navigate - no pun intended.

    Beelinegps is informational but has a wow factor for me because it shows the altitude. And it has a nice big MPH display if you want one. Oh, and an accelerometer as well.

    I would love to find an app that speaks aloud selected info such as, "you are northbound on Rainbow. Your speed is 45 mph." Why? Just for fun.
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    if anyone is interested in TomTom, I have version 5 that I would be intersted in selling at a good price. I've upgraded to 6 and don't use 5 anymore. I haven't noticed many differences between the two. Shoot me a PM if anyone is interested.

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