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    Ok, Im a noob with WM and still trying to get a few bugs worked out. I did search around but havent seen any reference to my question.
    What is was wondering is how pix/vid messages are saved when you receive them? I have a problem where the messages become unavailable to me after a little while. I dont know if its from cleaning out my temp internet folder or my cookies but it is driving me crazy. Can anyone help? I know it is a stupid question but Im reading everything I can to figure it out.
    Oh, if it matters its a 700wx on Verizon.
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    Probably your mail settings.

    I'm not 100% sure, but it may because you are set to "view mail form the last __ days" and after that time the messages aren't saved on your device. But that is assuming MMS gets treated the same way email gets treated on the wx...

    You wouldhave to save the pic from the message to know where it is saved.

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