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    I live in an area with poor service and I noticed that more often my calls usually get interrupted with a triple beep. I assume that means it lost service?
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    Calls get interrupted or dropped?
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    I'm not sure. I get a triple beep, everything goes silent, and returns me to the Today screen.
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    I get the same thing when my phone drops a call (atleast I'm assuming that's what its doing).

    When I first got the phone I was in a good coverage area and never had a problem, and now I'm in an area where I usually only have 1 bar, sometimes 2, and I tend to drop more calls.

    The noise I get is Alert Beep. If you go into Settings, Sounds & Notifications and go to the Manage tab, then click on Alert Beep and click Play you'll be able to hear it.
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    ok cool cool.

    i guess lately, i've been getting an abnormally more dropped calls than usual.
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    I've been getting more within the last 3 months or so than I ever had before.

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