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    Hey guys,

    Every time I get a text message and I press the left soft key and press ok on notification, the notification doesn't pop up, it just doesn't do anything. I have to go to start menu> messaging to open it up.

    Any ideas how to get it to work? It stopped working after I used Tweaks2k2.
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    yeh i'm having the same problem...i cant even read my text messages...i get some error
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    I had the same issue with voicemail a while back. I had to make a registry edit to fix it, although I don't know what to tell you for this one. I imagine it's the same exact situation, except I don't know exactly which key triggers that response. Perhaps someone with a tad more reg knowledge can offer it.

    To fix it only took 5 minutes. That is, once I knew what it was.

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