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    I have my Treo 750 WM6 configured with Push Email Exchange 2007.
    When open any email with attachment and invoke do download it the device do not sync automatically to get attachment. I takes almost forever showing downloading....

    Does anyone have this issue?

    UPDATE: 15-AUG-2007

    I restored a previous backup and figure out that pocket outlook works normally. So I concluded that the problem was some application that is in conflict with it.
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    Cingular 8125 with WM6 TNT WM 6.1
    Treo 750 with Official AT&T WM6
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    I too had the same issue, attachments stayed "Download..." forever.

    Running WM6 on Treo 750v, had removed AT&T customisation from ExtROM.

    It's working now - I actually don't know what fixed it :P
    Perhaps a soft-reset or two. I haven't changed any settings at all.
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    Do you have Outlook set to save attachments to your mini sd card? If so, I've had this problem before too, and figured out it was when the device had dropped recognition of my sd card (common bug; do a search here).

    I figured out that when it starts doing this I just need to remove and reinstall my card and then it starts working again.

    Kind of a PIA; hopefully the official ROM will address this.

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