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    Hey Everyone!

    I am working on a new script and wanted to get feedback.

    YouTube Pocket:

    Just point your Windows Mobile enabled PPC or Smartphone to:
    and follow the 'Getting Started' instructions and you will be ready to watch any YouTube video, right on your phone!

    I have only tested this on a handfull of devices so i am really looking for some feedback. Please leave any comments, suggestions, or complaints here so i can try to address them.

    Also, make sure to visit the Buffering / Syncing page on there with some tips.

    If you like the site please help me out and digg it:


    Note: If you already have zbop's YouTube mod installed you will not need to install anything from 'Getting Started', you will only need to add 'MMS Protocol' under 'Settings -> File Associations' and you will be able to use the site flawlessly
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    That is amazing!Fully work on x50v wm2003se with PIE.

    Good Layout on pocket device.
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    I have download both of these files directly from the links onto my card but I can not see them when I try to go to them. I have also tried Palm Quick Install and I get error messages. I thought they might be ziped but I can not unzip them....How about some more detailed instructions on how to install these files onto my Treo.
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    The info in this thread is out-of-date.

    You can check out anthony's site at

    And there is a more active thread on youtube pocket here:

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