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    I need a longer built in antenna for the treo or i need something to improve the reception...either that or my phone needs a different owner....
    Make offers or give me a way to improve doesn't quite reach the most used area I'm calling from...........only slightly better would prob do the trick...
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    What carrier are you on? Have you tried *228 to update your towers?
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    Im on alltel... yes i updated the towers a few times already...
    Motorola Q worked perfect in the same area...overall i notice it's weaker but still i can call in most of the other places
  4.    #4 help here either........anyway to tell it not to connect to a certain tower......
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    I have noticed this same issue. I have had my phone for about 8 months and on the Alltel network as well. In fringe areas I can no longer make the same call friends can on say a Razar. I think its the phone!
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    I have the same problem you have.. the 1st thing I am going to try is an external antenna taped to the window in my room, so I can at least have decent reception while I'm sitting at my desk ( which is where it usually drops all calls ).

    If that does not work, I am going to get a booster and put an antenna on top of my house.

    -- Sal
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    Let me know what worked.....

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