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    Doesn't anyboday else have this problem? I have searched everywhere and can't beleive I am the only one who's battery life is HORRIBLE.

    I have tried 2 batteries in the first phone and then sprint replaced the phone and I continue to have the same problem.

    I have a out of the box phone with no programs running and Roaming turned off and my battery dies in 5-8 hours with me not even using it.

    I am being told that because my signal strength is week at my house the phone uses the battery searching for a better signal. Well my GOD, my old TREO 600 lasted for days in standby and my wifes current flip phone also lasts for days.

    What is up with this? Someone please help me understand or do I just return this phone ad give up?
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    The only time I've had issues with the battery was when I had programs running that constantly stayed connected to EV-DO. But even then, my battery would last all day. It would get to about 20% by the end of the day, and that's with about 30 minutes of phone usage and the constant internet connection.

    If you have NO apps running then there is no reason it should be that bad. My signal strength is usually in the 80's or 90's dB range, moreso in the 90's. So my area doesn't have great service either.

    If your phone constantly loses signal, regardless of your roaming settings, that will drain the battery, and that's true of any phone.

    My phone has been off the charger since about 7am this morning, and its now 12:45pm. Bluetooth is on and connected to my headset. I haven't made a call on it or used the internet at all. I've received about 10 text messages. My battery right now shows 95%. By tonight it'll probably be 85-90% if I don't do much with it.

    Sounds like you might have gotten a couple of bad phones or bad batteries, or your phone constantly loses its signal.
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    I have to agree with you, I would have to charged mine everyday without any usage, maybe a call or two. I ended up buying the 3200mah battery and it's better. Now I get 8 continuious hrs of of internet streaming with bluetooth headphones and the unit overclocked to 520mhz. I also turn down the backlight and use Keylight to toggle the keyboard light off. I've always hated the keyboard light, it's too bright and 99% of the time I don't need the light.

    I've always bought big batteries for my phones. Both my LG 6000 and Motorola 815 would go almost 7 days without a charge on the big batteries. Now jumping to the Treo may bad habbit of not regularly charging is kicking my a*s but I do love the extra functions i can do with it. I'm drooling for the huge battery for the treo but $70 is just way too much, maybe I'll opt for strapping a couple of Li ion D cells to the phone!
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    Yes, I have been on the phone with both Sprint and Palm. I am currently waiting on hold for Palm Level 2 support. I am being told that since my phone is constantly switching from 1X to EV that this is using my battery.

    WHO CARES, FIX IT is what I say. So is every sprint phone on their data network going to eat up a battery in hours if they are in a bad reseption area?

    The other night I watched my phone and it lost about 1% power ever 5-10 minutes. It crazy of you ask me.

    I love this phone but can't live with have to have a charger taped to my hip.
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    My advice i just buy an extended battery. This is not an ordinary phone. This is more like a computer inside a phone shell. There are more things happening than you know on your phone. We all deal with less than normal battery life with the Treo and either carry extra batterys or buy the extended battery. I charge mine at different times through out the day. It is just a way of life with a Treo. If you think other PDA phones will have a better battery life think again. YOu might want to check out other forums on this and you will see the same.
    Palm Treo 700w > VZW Treo 700wx
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    I appreciate your thoughts and uderstand what you are saying, but my buddy has the same phone with Verizon and we take our phone off at the same time in the morning. He uses his all day and mine sits down stairs and I don't even use it. At the end of the day he has %50 power and mine is dead.
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    Just got off the phone with L2 support. We think that because my phone is constantly switching from 1xRtt to EVDO that this is using my battery.

    You can set wich data network by doing the following:

    On your phone enter #*#3836 from the Today screen

    This will return 3 options for Broadband Settings:

    1- Automatic
    2- Disable Broadband (1xRTT only)
    3- Fource Broadband (EVDO only)

    I set the 3rd option. Now I sit back and wait to see it this stops my excessive battery drainage.
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    Ok...I tried that out....eek, I couldn't received any calls didn't respond to incoming calls....and for those who called me, it didn't go straight to voicemail...
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    If you force EVDO, you won't receive SMS messages. (I'm not sure this the case on the 700wx, but it was on the 700p).

    Other ways to increase battery life:

    -Turn off Beam Receive
    -Set backlight to 10 seconds
    -Use Slinghann's Treo Keylights to shut off backlight for keyboard
    -Turn off Bluetooth Discovery

    These 4 things have the biggest effect.

    Also, if you can deal with manually fetching email, you save juice there (instead of automatic polling.)

    An extended battery will help as well.
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    I have this phone and had a similar problem when I first activated it. All I did to save the battery life is turn the brightness of the screen down. Press and hold the shift button (the black button to the left of the 'z' button) and press 'P'. This will open your brightness settings. I keep mine on the fourth one from the left and I can go easily 2 days without having to charge it. I use my phone all day long for text messaging, internet, email, taking pictures and tv.... the whole 9 yards. Try changing your brightness setting and let us know if that helps. Good luck
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    How about setting your phone to roam when you're at home? That way, it won't even try to get on the Sprint tower with a weak signal.
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    Seidio is shipping 2600 mah OEM sized extended battery for Treo 700WX. This battery is more powerful than the previous version (2400 mah), still is the same size as stock battery.

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    My 2400 mah battery is not much better than the OEM battery. Is this 2600mah battery actually better?

    I ask because I spent 40 bucks on a Seidio "meh" battery (2400). I would hate to spend 42+ shipping on a 2600 only to discover the battery isnt quite as advertised.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RichTJ99 View Post
    My 2400 mah battery is not much better than the OEM battery. Is this 2600mah battery actually better?

    I ask because I spent 40 bucks on a Seidio "meh" battery (2400). I would hate to spend 42+ shipping on a 2600 only to discover the battery isnt quite as advertised.
    Seidio 2400 mah should be around 30 % more battery life as compared with OEM battery. If it is not, then please contact our customer service 832-204-1118 ask for Margaret for exchange.

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    I got the 3200 battery a week or so ago, and it is a beast. Definitely feel the weight but lasts much longer than the stock battery.
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    The Seidio 2400maH batteries are awesome. We have at least 12 people with them and all say they are noticable longer laster. Can't wait to try a couple 2600's.
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    I had this same problem, and in the end it was my email that had gone crazy and Outlook was checking emails every few minutes.

    Try a test, send your self an email, see how long it takes to report you have a new email, and and soon as you get that report, send another one. Time how often it's checking.

    I had mine set to check every hour, and it clearly was not.

    I couldn't figure out how to fix it, so I just hard reset the phone and then made sure to leave the email checking manual, which is fine for me. Now I get a couple of days of battery instead of 4-6 hours.
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    Did you ever fully solve this?

    I have the exact same problem. Just today, I was in a meeting from 9-4 pm. The phone went into the meeting with a full charge. Coming out of the meeting it had about 20% left. Only 4 e-mails had been received (I'm syncing with an MS Exchange Server).

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