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    Has anyone else tried the XM Application in Programs-ATT Music- XM Radio

    It is a nice little app. I remember reading people's gripe that existing XM Subscribers can't use the existing info. Any Change?

    Also, and the main reason for my post. How do you exit the application? When you hit ok, it just minimizes. If you go to running programs, it is not listed. Hit Stop All, it still running in the background with music playing through the speaker.

    Only way I have found to kill it, other that soft reset, it to end the data connection by tapping on the H and tapping disconnect?

    Anyone else?

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    Probably Off topic:

    But if you already have a regular XM sub, use pocket IE and go here:

    Sign in with your existing XM Radio ONLINE account and you can stream all the channels that way for no extra cost....

    It will automatically open Windows Media Player after you choose the channel you want.
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    its common sence.... while in the app . hit the right soft key.. or tap "buy/options" and hit exit...
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    When I go to it appears that I make a data connection but my WMP does not start. When I go through WMP to the URL I get a message that says " Cannot play the file. The file is either corrupted of the Player does not support the format you are attempting to play." I'm using an unlocked Treo 750 with WM6. Any suggestions?

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