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    I started using Telenav and it seems like a decent application. Is it possible to enter locations on the "My Telenav" website and somehow sync them to you phone.

    I haven't had any luck finding info on it...

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    you know? Thats a good point. When I used Telenav on my 650, I could do exactly what you're mentioning. I noticed now on the 750, that the option on My telenav is there, but the locations dont populate the Treo 750. Aggravating.

    I also note that in all of the Telenav ads yo see in Skymall magazine, they show the 3D maps on the 750 in the ad display. Yet, the cool 3D version isnt available yet on WM versions.

    Damn Telenav!

    At least on the 750 i can talk on the phone and use Telenav at the same time. Thats kinda cool.
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    I've been using Telenav on my 750 since the day I got it (back in Jan)... Yes, the 3D map would be cool (How come you havent updated it, telenav???)

    If you enter the address on the telenav website, you have to go into telenav and select the following: NAVIGATION->Recent Address->Menu (right soft-key)->Refresh...

    That should bring in the addresses... if not, let me know and I can dig some more....

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    The latest version of Telenav for PalmOS has 3D mapping and automatic refresh of your Favorites and Recent addresses.

    You can find it here:

    I am running this version on my 680. I also had it running on my old 650.
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    Being a 700P user I do have Telenav on my unit but it requires a Bluetooth GPS receiver. It works fantastic on my work issued blackberry 7520.

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