I have posted tons of threads when i had a 700p and now that i have 700wx about how in the orlando area in particular my phone does weird things...
issues incliude: btw these happened almost everyday multiple times
1. call someone I cannot hear them so i have to hang up and call again
2. call someone n screen says dialing but then quickly saying hanging up, over and over until soft reset
3. same thing as number two but also sometimes a pop up comes up saying call cannot be completed please check the number and signal strength n try again
4. call someone call connects n u hear a bunch of loud radio static noise
There are tons more issues I constantly had and had gotten the phone replaced multiple times with brand new units and I was told its something on the network yet I never met anyone who had these issues in this area even with the same device at times.
I went to vegas last week and was there for 5 days my phone never did any of these things worked flawlessly. I went to the sprint store out there and had the tech replace my 700wx with another one he had just gotten as a return so now it was swapped in vegas and he had to scan the bar code like 4 times for four different systems he said...in orlando iv seen them do it once or twice at most...iv been back for a week now n KNOCK ON WOOD so far NOTHING has gone wrong wiht this device non of those issues have arose as of yet...all my programs apps contacts everything is same...I dont think it is the difference in terms of a swapped phone cause iv done that here plently of times with BRAND NEW devices and this one isnt even brand new its a return...could it be somethin weird like it was activated in vegas and so it got put on right or something....I gota have an answer cuz as happy as I am it drives me nuts lol