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    I dont recall how i got my DUN working when I had wm5, i just remember I fiddled with it a lot and then suddenly it started working. I tried to find the thread that contained all of the steps and iterations of username and password, but i could find it again.

    the dun worked fine in wm5. but now that i've installed wm6, it's not working. anyone else have this issue?

    I'm also using a mac os 10.4.
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    WM6 supports Bluetooth PAN. Go to Internet Sharing in the Programs and Connect. Then, on your Mac, in the Bluetooth drop down, select "Join Network on [Your Treo]". Thats it! You can now browse the internet over Bluetooth PAN.

    I find I get around 350 kbit/sec speeds.
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    awesome! that totally worked! thanks

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