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    So I bought an SD card. It's supposed to be one of those fast ones.

    It worked great, until I decided to erase the entire issue of the economist (that's all I had on it), and went ahead and formatted it.

    Trying to load the next issue of the economist takes hours. Like 3-8mins per mp3 (there are about 90 mp3 files)...

    Anyone has a clue? Perhaps I formatted it 'wrong'? Is there a tool that would do it better than Palm? I have 'patched' the phone with the verizon patch (before installing the card), but I had to hard reset a few times since.
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    The sector size can affect performance, especially with a 4GB card. The smaller the sector size the worst the performance. If you format with a larger sector size, e.g., 16MB or 32MB, you should get better performance.

    Not sure which device you have (since you said SD card, I take it you don't have a 750). I don't think the Palm format function let's you specify sector size. I think it it defaults to something like 4GB. Try formatting with windows with a larger sector size. If you have mostly large files (like MP3s) there won't be too much of a space penalty from using the larger sector size.

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    Does anyone know if I should be able to see this card in any SD reader, even if this is an SDHC card? I'd assume I could but 'fall back' on speed.

    Pretty much nothing but my palm sees this, I tried with my Dell multi card reader, and my friends panasonic laptop with a reader on the side, and a Kodak EasyShare z612 camera, and neither of them recognized the card.

    I did take a 1G SD (not supposedly as speedy as SDHC) card out of the camera and can see it in Windows, and transfering files to it on the palm is way quicker than this. Could Palm have screwed up the card for me somehow
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    I have the same issue with my new Kingston 4GB class 6 SDHC card. It was super fast and I reformatted is and now it is very slow.
    In Windows XP (using a SDHC adapter), I can only format using the 'default' sector sze, which seem to be 512 bytes. I have tried to use a command prompt to specify a larger sector size, but even though the card was formated with 512 byte sectors.

    How can I reformat it with larger sectors under Windows XP? Any utility to do that?

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    Or even better, is there are such a utility for Palm as I cannot use/see the card on Windows
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    Quote Originally Posted by netcomrade View Post
    Does anyone know if I should be able to see this card in any SD reader, even if this is an SDHC card? ...
    If you're using xp, there's a hotfix for this:
    V > Vx > m505 > m515 > T/T > T3 > TC > 650 > 680
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    UPDATE: actually, that was my mistake. Using the command prompt in XP, I was able to format my card with the desired sector size. In my case, as posted by many people, 32K sectors was the best.
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    I have a HUGE problem with that sector size (32K). It works wonderfully with almost every function of my 650 but causes immediate crashes with TomTom 6. If I format with 16K cluster size TomTom won't crash but is painfully slow to the point of almost being unuseable. BTW, I have a Transcend 8GB SDHC
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    TomTom 6 works wonderfully for me with 32K sectors on my Kingston 4GB (Class 6) card. Super fast.

    If that can help: I had to format the card several time (same exact parameters) before getting the best results. I know this sounds stupid (I know the saying the fool is the one who repeats the same thing expecting for a different outcome, or something like that), but the outcomes were quite different afte each formatting.

    So I would suggest you try again a few times with 32K sectors...

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