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    Hey guys I have had a treo 700p for awhile now and while it has been cursed with so many bugs from palm, only after over a year of it being out they released a patch that fixes some problems but causes even more problems, so verizon has offered to Multi-Fru me to the 700wx... I was wondering what people might have to say (mainly those who have switched from a palm based cell phone in the past). I don't pay for the internet but do text message ALOT, as well as occasionally picture message (over 10 a week). I was wondering what you guys think about the switch and what the differences are that annoy you

    I also found threads about adding threaded text messaging, but that it removes the use of Picture messaging? If someone could explain this to me it would be great, thanks!
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    I had palm OS for a long time and swore by it. I was always afraid of going to windows cause of having to go through menu's and stuff. Well just like when I came to palm from a regular cell phone it took about a few days to get use to it and it was the best thing. Windows to me is totally amazing.. Palm OS seems so outdated and simple when compared to windows. You can have multiple apps running at once and switch back and fourth, better GUI, and so much more. Its basically like having your WIN based pc in your hands. Couple annoying things for me personally were that your call log was limited to last 200 calls I think, I loved how on Palm OS it was like a two year call log lol. SMS text back n fourth was built in, here you can download a free program and it looks and works the same so just an extra step. In terms of picture mail On Palm OS or as we call it here POS lol its built in ur sms app. In windwos you have to download an app from arcsoft its free and it then goes through your email account and makes its on MMS account nad does it that way, works great again just an extra step. So in all reality the phone works much better and flawless compared to Palm and the one thing i totally love is it is SO MUCH more customizable then POS ever was. There are a ton of different apps, tweaks and hacks for windows as compared to palm. So my friend you have a complete thumbs up from my part. I in fact and anxiously waiting to see if a new Windows Treo comes out cause I just love the Treo setup and although there are others out there like blackjack and stuff with windows, I cant go without touchscreen and just the whole feel of palm...if u have any other questions feel free to PM me or AIM me
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    if you're not using data you don't need Treo.
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    Thats a def. a personal opinion, Treo is nothing more then a all in one device to help stay organized. Different people use phones for different reasons. There have been times where I dont get online for days but text message A LOT and use the calender, the camera the MS apps and stuff ALL the time and other times where in constantly online or doing emails and everything else. BTW another annoying thing in WM in terms of MS email is on POS you can press send and your mail is gone, I MISS THAT, on WM standard email you press send and you have to press send recieve and wait for your entire email to be downloaded before that one is sent and also the same goes for downloading an attachment, I HATE that, now there are third party apps to fix this but I personally feel I should not have to pay to have my email working in a normal way lol
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    I was long time Palm Treo user who switched from the 700p to 700wx.

    I agree with much that was said above, but here's my short and sweet pro and con.

    - 700wx is slower in opening and switch apps (because it's a true multitasking system)
    - 240x240 screen is a step down from 320x320 (but you get used to it fairly quickly)
    - You may have trouble finding a replacement for your favorite Palm apps (but they are out there)
    - WM can be a bit clunky in terms of the interface, but you adapt easily.

    That was really it. The Pros:

    - Very stable
    - Multitasking is very nice (ex. do a bluetooth sync while on the phone.)
    - Installing to SD cards works flawlessly
    - Browsing is faster, even with same EVDO
    - ActiveSync works great, and syncs as data more Hotsync problems.
    - I find getting photos and movies off the 700wx easier.
    - Did I mention stable?
    - Media player is more stable and useful (to me)
    - Bluetooth works better than on Palm OS (but not perfect).

    I am very happy with the switch...I could never go back to Palm OS now.
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    how does one switch?
    Im referring to I have all my addresses and datebook in POS. How do I get it into WM format?
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    I would install outlook, sync to outlook (handheld overwrites desktop), and then once it's in outlook you can sync to your new 700wx.
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    If you use third-party apps (and who doesn't on a Treo?), WM is really no more stable than Palm, in my experience. I've used both extensively and I prefer Palm, without questions.

    I only use WM because it was available through work and, at the time, Palm was not, so I switched.

    I am looking forward to Linux with a Palm interface.

    As far as multi-tasking, WM does not do this anywhere near as well as it should, and, when it does, it chews up the limited memory very quickly. It is still pretty common for one app to muck up the whole system.

    <Sigh> Maybe someday we'll have a truly stable device..

    Just my opinion based upon my experiences.
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    does the wx use the outlook as its calendar?
    I have vista, will it use the new windows contacts and windows calendar?
    My search yielded no straight answers and I just want to know what im jumping into
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    Verizon "sidegraded" me to a 700wx after my fourth 700p warranty replacement plus three store replacements after initial purchase. What's the acronym for PalmOS? Oh yah, POS... well that says it all folks!

    I LOVE My 700wx compared to the 700p. Here's why:

    • It multitasks! That means something as simple as tapping "send" on a text message causes it to be sent in the background while you do other things. On a 700p you have to wait, and if the network is slow you have to wait some more.
    • Windows Mobile platform has much more active 3rd party software development.
    • MUCH more stable than 700p/POS. I haven't had to reboot mine since activating it, whereas the 700p would reboot itself at random times without even being touched! Must be a POS "feature".
    • Web pages load much faster on Pocket IE.
    • Wireless reception is better than 700p. I live in a fringe area where the 700p would constantly drop the network, but 700wx holds more bars and hasen't dropped a call yet.
    • Because of the complexity of Windows Mobile, accessing certain features and options takes a few extra key clicks. A very small number of functions must be done using the touch screen -- no key equivalents.

    I think you'll love the 700wx. It feels much more mature, thought out, and in my case has been rock solid stable.
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    worried about the text messaging, what is it like normally, and if I add the threaded text messaging application, what does it look like. And could someone clarify how picture messaging works a little bit more in depth..

    Edit: Also, can you draw on pictures after you take them?

    When people say the resolution is worse, is that the size of the screen, the phone's resolution or the functionability of the touch screen. Does it affect you when watching videos...
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    You should probably head down to a Sprint or Verizon store to check them both out side by side. The screens are physically the same size, but the 700p has more pizels (320x320 vs. 240x240). It's not a big difference to me, as I'm happy to sacrifice pixels I didn't even know I had for a PDA that works.

    I use SMS for the occasional text message, but if I need to have a full on conversation then I launch Agile Messenger and use one of my instant messaging accounts (AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, etc.). I don't miss threaded SMS on the 700wx because I never saw that as a useful feature... those wanting a real-time conversation should use an instant messenger application, as the response is instant. SMS is not always instant, and sometimes it takes more than several minutes for a text message to be delivered depending on carrier.

    I would not recommend adding the threaded SMS application unless you are willing to accept the consequences. The threaded SMS application was taken off a Windows Mobile 6 Treo 750 and it is not guaranteed to work.

    Also, the 700wx keyboard backlight is significantly brighter than the 700p and the build quality of the 700wx appears better. All the 700p's I've had seemed to exhibit some key issues -- either loose, or mushy, or not evenly lit, etc. The 700wx seems more tightly built, with more consistent build quality.
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    The regular SMS is like SMS on a regular phone. Your incoming texts go to the Inbox, your outgoing is saved in the Sent Items box. If you want to recall what you were talking about, you have to switch back and forth between boxes. The threaded SMS is just like POS SMS. It basically looks like a conversation on any instant messaging program.

    I disagree with SonnyS. The point of threaded texting is not to have a real-time conversation, although it does come in handy for that. I mean, honestly, if your having a real-time conversation, and you can't remember what you were saying, that's sad. However, that's what threaded texting is for, so you can remember what the conversation is about. I know I send texts that people don't reply to for hours, but I can recall what I was talking about by simply looking above the last line. Of course, I never really needed this feature, as I was used to a regular phone, but now that I have it, I can't imagine going back to being without it. I honestly cannot see the "consequences" that Sonny was talking about. I don't see anything but benefits from having the threaded SMS. The threaded app was not always taken from WM6. It was first taken off of WM5, but after WM6 came out, a few people here spent some time figuring out if it would work, and it did, so now the thread has been updated with the WM6 files. I haven't installed the new one yet, because I need to do a hard reset anyway, and I want to just take care of all that at the same time, but from what people are saying, the WM6 version is faster. Other than people that have had problems with installing it (mostly because they don't do it right), I haven't seen any reported issues with the application. Follow the directions, and you'll be fine.

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