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    I was helping my dad with his replacement 700w for verizon and I was installing the new 1.22 MR. For some reasons it got stuck and didn't complete now will only go into bootloader mode. In fact, it won't even shut that screen off after pressing reset, pulling the battery, or other hard reset attempts. It just keeps coming back on. Is there anyway to get the phone into nomal mode so the update can be performed? or just so that the phone will work? I would like to avoid having to send it back to verizon and wait for a replacement. Thanks in advance.

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    "stuck in bootloader"

    For some reason, that sounds like a good name for an album or a sub-title for a movie.

    Anyways, to answer your question, try connecting it up to the computer again and running the update and see if it'll take back over and complete the process.

    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $that$'$s$ $really$ $the$ $only$ $way$ $to$ &$quot$;$save$&$quot$; $it$. $If$ $not$, $maybe$ $taking$ $it$ $to$ $a$ $Verizon$ $store$.

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