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    In threaded sms when you type a letter it only shows up to ten enteries for that letter and you have to type a second letter to be more specefic. I think most of us would agree the reason we type one letter is often times we need to pick who to send the message to from the list in front of us. In the today screen lookup box you can type a letter and it shows the every name wiht that there a tweak or way someone can have that same search method under threaded sms so it shows everything n not just ten names?
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    Well, I know you're probably going to think this is rude, and it doesn't offer an answer, but is it really that hard to type a second letter?
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    no i dont think its rude i think its stupid that you didnt read the whole thing lol...sometimes ull fwd a joke or somethin so you wanna press S and just pick n choose who you want to send it to and SEE ALL YOUR S entries thats all...this is the only phone you cant do that on...

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