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    I apologize if this has been discussed before. I just upgraded from my Treo 650 to a 750 last night. I have a question with the web browser. For some sites Iíve noticed that pictures are displayed like they are zoomed in really far (blocky) and other pictures on the same page look fine. Iím not talking about the lack of sharpness compared to my 650, I understand that the 750 has less resolution than the 650. An example of a website that does this The Kikker logo in the corner looks perfect, the first bike pick at the top looks like garbage, you can barely tell itís a bike, let alone read the words. The rest of the bikes look fine, although some are not as smooth around the edges at others. The page looks that way on all zoom levels.

    Iím just curious if this is normal, or if there is a fix for it.
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    Yes. The web browser is using the AT&T proxy server. The proxy server reduces the size and quality of images to make them smaller download sizes. In a word, it's 'optimizing' the download size of the pages to they download better to a mobile phone.
    There is no menu option to go disable this setting. It's a setting in the registry.

    I have a web page here that explains it and has a .cab file that you can download to your Treo and run to disable the proxy. And another one to restore it.

    Note, this will break you ability to go to the AT&T Media Net site (http://device.home/) so you'll have to restore the proxy to use it.

    Get it here:

    Note, after running the .cab, make sure to shut down IE by holding the OK button and selecting 'stop' on IE. It will only take the new setting when you re-start IE.

    When you upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 which will be released in about a month, it comes with a "proxy manager" application that dos this so you'll not longer have to use this hack.
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    Thanks! I'll give it a whirl when I get home!

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