I am a new user to AT&T - made the jump from VZW due to their slow release of new phones. I am having trouble accessing certain websites with PIE. On my old device with VZW (xv6700 - wm5) I could access any website i wanted to with the exception of certain sites with too many frames. With the treo there are some strange things happening and I was hoping you could shed some light:

Auto redirect - i am being automatically redirected to the mobile version of sites. if i go to www.yahoo.com, it redirects me to us.m.yahoo.com.

Some pages with no mobile version don't work at all. for example - www.metacrawler.com (search engine i use) won't load at all and I get an error that "the connection was lost".

Any insight would be helpful. i just want to be able to use regular internet sites. carrier is at&T
Thanks in advance