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    I tried opera 8.60 for windows mobile, but seems too slow while scrolling down the pages and also when I click on links, they just dont open.. Sometimes it takes lot of clicks on same link before a click is registered and page opens. I have heard its great browser, but not speed wise though. Dont like the results of PIE much and havn't tried any other.

    What is a good and fast browser for Treo 750??

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Try Opera Mini? You'll need to install a Java (JRE) application. Opera Mini 3.x is pretty stable and quick as sin. Keep in mind, Opera mini is designed for many types of OS'es so using it is a bit different than the native browsers you are used to.
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    i'll 2nd opera mini.
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    yup yup i 3rd opera mini...the only thing is if your gonna use it on the will need a Midlet a search at xda-developers and d/l it...sorry i forgot the link...
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    I got the Java Powered with Intent and use Opera Mini, its nice and fast. The rendering is also really good!
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