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    Hi guys, im new here, did a bit of research, and now im screwed, unless you can help.....

    My 750 Had tapscreen issues, like everyone else's it seems.... but I ignored it and kept using it w/ just my fingers/keys - -

    So with that being said, I was an ***** and did a hard reset, now im STUCK at the ALIGN Screen prompt. Itll work for the blue screen which says "tap here to get started" then after , it wont work w/ the crosshair.

    The reason why I did the hard reset is because Calls would come in last second before voice mail and the phone would be too slow to pick up when i pressed answer that id miss the calls, I thought resetting would fix it.

    I tried putting it in the refrigerator and freezer and still doesnt work immediately after pulling out.

    Can you help me before I break it? Thanks!
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    If it is a 750P, you probably ought to try that forum. If it is a 750, I'd try reloading either a WM5 ROM or if you can find it, the WM6.
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    Thanks bigben, But it is a 750. Doesnt say P where the battery goes.

    Can you tell me how to load WM6? software site? and then what? Sorry im a noob.....

    Also, the only refurbed 750s for $99 i see only come w/ contracts

    Where can i get them w/o? Ebay?
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    from another forum, it only help to bypass the alignement loop:

    "here you go theses are simple steps to bypass the touchscreen alignment.

    Install you activesyn blah blah blah when it finds it go on my computer and go into your PDA device

    go to \windows\startup and delete the Welcome file

    after that give your PPC a soft reset and BAM u by passed the screen.
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    First off in the Title line of your post you said 750P.

    If it is running Windows not Palm system, I'd go to the Treo Central post
    and follow that to the XDA site. While the original link has been removed, I think you'll several "mirrored sites". Follow one of them, download to your computer, transfer to a mini-SD and follow the instructions to install.

    Failing being able to locate the WM6 you should be able to find a WM5 ROM easily on the same XDA site and re-install that.

    Hope this helps. Good Luck
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    Thanks Ben, But link is dead and doesnt even go to mirrored sites,I believe XDA site is down. I went through about 7 pgs of threads to look for updated links, but no luck

    I even googled and only came up w/ articles..... Maybe i should PM someone for the file? or do you have another site? Thanks man, sorry about the title.

    yeah i guess ill find a WM5 rom for now then, thx stroths as well OR.

    Check that out. Are those generic files that will work on my 750? also, how big is the file that you guys downloaded from xda?
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    Yeah happens once in a while with the XDA site. But no problem those guys are GREAT!!!

    Check your Treo Central mail. Should help it is from XDA,
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    Thanks for the mail Ben, I really appreciate it

    XDA is back up, im downloading now, thanks! ill follow the directions, but many guys ran into problems, im sure i will too lol.

    just gotta get a data cable from a friend
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    To install the file, you need an mini-SD with file on it. Put it into your 750 and do a hard reset. You may need a cable to do a Sync-explore-copy-paste but that is the slow way. Easiest way is to use a card reader and use Windows Explorer to copy-paste the file.
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    Ok i have the cable hooked up but i cant install my Treo to get past the alignment screen....

    Its "second hand" My buddy got the 755p and gave me this... Can i download install software? (cant get it from him)


    I cant explore it Ben, also, i dont have a SD card yet I dont mind the slow way

    I try to install the treo but keep getting the USB REJECT sound..... TIA
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    To install any of the boot strap loader files, you MUST use a mini-sd, no choice
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    I see, but what should I do about sync "ing" up the Treo to at least get past the welcome screen for now?

    (as mentioned before i keep getting the USB reject sound when i connect the treo to the cpu)

    I have no phone right now! Thanks ben
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    Best shot you got of making the unusable brick you have is to reload the ROM - either WM5 or WM6. Follow the instruction on the XDA site to complete. You cannot synch or do anything else in the locked up state your phone is in.

    Should of asked before - did you do a hard reset?
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    Is there any screen protector on it. If that is jammed between the case and the screen it will prevent alignment. Also my 650 had an issue and I took it apart and cleaned the screen and put it back together and it was fixed. Dirt build up between case and screen pushing down on touch screen.
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    Yes I did do a hard reset which is the reason why I Have this problem.

    So even for me to reload the OEM WM5 rom, I need that data card?
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    The ONLY way I know of to load either of the ROMs is to use SD.

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