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    Well i finally got a treo. however Being a broke as i am i didn't get a data plan, I will once I get a better job. Anyway i was wondering if i could setup my treo to access my local network when im at home via bluetooth, and is there anyway to keep from antecedently using the data services?

    Thanks for any help.
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    I don't think there's a way to do that, unless you can do a backwards tethering? I know that you can tether other phones to the Treo, but I'm assuming that you don't have a data plan on any phone, so that wouldn't apply.

    Anyway, your best option is probably to get a WiFi card.
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    Well I think I might have an idea but im not sure how todo it. I would like to try the bluetooth network access but i have no idea how to set it up. One other internet related thing say i have a saved web page is there a way to view this or do i need to get some thing else to open the htm file.
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    I use bluetooth to do ActiveSync and while connected to my PC thru ActiveSync, I can access internet and websites using regular browser. Its darn slow though. But it works. I guess this is in-built feature of ActiveSync where you can access internet thru it. I tried it using USB cable and then bluetooth, and it works with both. You could double check with ur service provider for the data cost, but I am sure it wont cost u. hope it helps.///
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    Okay, well, that works, I guess. You won't get charged because your doing it through bluetooth, and you still get data, I suppose. Of course, you have to be within 30 feet of your computer (probaby closer, since the Treo's bluetooth sucks), and you have to be connected via ActiveSync. Plus, bluetooth is a lot slower than WiFi is.

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