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    When viewing your emails on the Treo, can everyone open a link included in their mail?

    I cannot open any links in my emails. I am currently using Opera. I uninstalled Opera, and now when I click on a link in a email, I still get this error "The File "Operalaunch.exe" cannot be opened". This is the same error I got before I uninstalled Opera.

    Any way to go back and reset IE as the "default web brwsr"?

    Any suggestions?

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    You will need to edit the registry to change this. Use resco registry editor or similar tool to edit the registry. Below is the key you will need to change:

    In HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shell\Rai\: DEFBROWSER is a key called "1". Change the string value from "OperaLaunch.exe" to iexplore.exe

    The problem you most likely encountered with Opera and this error was that you installed Opera on a storage card. When you do this, Opera doesn't setup the link to properly to reference the program on the storage card. If you ever want to go back to using Opera as your default browser and you have it installed on the storage card, you will need to edit the same registry key with the following string:

    "storage card\Program Files\Opera\Opera.exe"

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