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    I got my refurb this week like monday the 6th. I guess i had really good timing. i went for a crappy t-mobile pre-pay to a 750 never ever will i buy just a phone. I love this thing. funny thing is my sis pad $129 for a new razr thing sucks so bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by menlow View Post
    I got my refurb last night. AT&T gave me another $50 instant rebate for upgrading my phone via the internet, so the whole thing was only $50. I figured I spend more on beer in a month so I took the plunge.
    Quote Originally Posted by phoofy View Post
    What?! I didn't get the extra $50 rebate and I also upgraded online! Bummer. Not that $99 wasn't a good deal.
    I had thought it said something about the internet, but I just looked at my receipt and it says "AT&T Upgrade Advantage Discount -$50". Dunno why I got it, but I'm not complaining. So far so good with the refurb too!
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    I would say for the past 4 months I have been looking at ATT's site to see if there were any refurb 750s b/c that is how I got my 650 back in 05. Well I decided to log into my acct on Aug 3rd and low and behold, there is a refurb 750 for 99. I selected upgrade my phone I ordered it and I got it on Aug 7. I'm loving it so far. WM5 is somewhat slower than the Palm OS but the rounded edges, no antenna, the lighter feel makes, and the ability to send text msgs to people who call me while I'm in a meeting makes it worth it. I did the HSDPA hack found on this page and that was assume. I like the fact that I was able to browse the internet while taking to my sister and sending her a text msg at the same time. I just need get my ringtones on this phone b/c the preloaded ones suck a*s. I loaded a WAV file ringtone that I created for my 650 but it would play as a ringtone on the 750 so I'm assuming the ringtone for the 750 has to be a midi file or MP3 file.
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    I think you get discount if you agree to upgrade your existing PLAN to one of their new AT&T plans.

    I don't want to give up my old Cingular plan...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Edrego View Post
    I think the rebate is FAN specific. I just ordered my wife a refurb 750 last week and my FAN has $25 off equipment purchases once you check out your shopping cart. So the 750 only costed me $75
    I ordered one of the $299 TREO 750's through the premier site and ATT kept screwing up the order and after a few days and tone of phone calls they finally got it straightened out.

    As this was happening, the TREO deal came up on the site for a NEW one for $99 !!!!

    They switched my order to get that price, I got the $25 online order discount, then they waived the next day air shipping fee too!

    I got this thing for a steal!
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