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    I've got a Treo 700w that works great execpt for the fact that I'm trying to sync it to a mac. I've got Pocketmac but I'm having a huge problem with it and the costumer support is horrible. Anyone want to trade a 700p for my 700w. The 700w works on the verizon network so I would like it if the 700p worked with verizon as well.
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    Why not ditch PocketMac and try the Missing Sync from Markspace?
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    jazzdude9792: I second the missing sync - I've been using it with my mac for about 6 months now. Works great, especially w/.mac (i havnt tried the newest one, yet)

    oh one more thing, version 4.0 talks about being able to store your SMS, but there's a small * footnote:

    *SMS text messages cannot be read from Windows Mobile Palm Treo smartphones (700w/wx, 750).

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