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    I wanted to create a separate thread on this matter, as the WM6 for Cingular is already out.

    Anyone have a clue when this might happen? I have an unlocked 750v on Rogers.
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    According to post #13 and #17 here on
    Update for Three (network) is this week
    Update for Telstra and Vodafone (750v) at the end of August
    AT&T is still not announced, September?

    Note, it is NOT yet released to AT&T / Cingular. What's out is a pre-released (leaked) version that works, but it's not the final code.
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    I have the leaked AT&T Rom on my Unlocked Treo 750v and its been working good so far. I am on the AT&T network but "might" install the Treo 750v "official" wm6 rom when its released...
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    I've got the leaked version on my 750v as well, been running fine on TMobile. Once i figured out how to set up my settings again i was back in business. Haven't had much complaints, except i notice the battery to drain a little quicker, but nothing major really. Audio seems to be better, with the speaker phone being really loud at times. I just wish i could get rid of some of that At&T crap!
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    Can some one please send me the download file I can't find it anywhere, and it is no longer on the xdc site anyone please.
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    Quote Originally Posted by taylorh View Post
    ...but it's not the final code.
    Are you sure because it seems like a release version to me My guess is it's the version currently being tested by AT&T

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