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    I have a verizon treo 700w, i downloaded and installed sms beta 5, everything went fine. The problem that I'm having is tmail keeps crashing. When I receive email message I go to check and it crashes. Same with MMS. Any ideas??

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    Just curious. Have you applied the vzw 1.22 update? I think Cody's beta5 includes some WM6 system dll's that might not be compatible with the older version. If so you need to revert back to the beta4. You can still use the WM6 files for the Palm sms. I posted them here.
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    Thanks hannip, I have applied the 1.22 upadte. I will revert to beta 4, and let you know how that goes. Thanks Again.
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    tmail.exe still crashes, I have done a hard reset, installed beta 4 moved the files, extracted and moved the files provided by hannip. tmail.exe keeps randomly crashing. (send or dont't send error).
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    I have been having the same problem with my Sprint treo 700wx....
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    Verizon 700w for me.
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    verizon 700wx and it crashes for me as well. Palm pulled down the 1.22 update. Waiting on new release.
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    Are all of you guys only having issues with the WM6 files? Did the beta4 work for you before? I don't know why tmail would be crashing for some and not all. I've been using beta4 with the WM6 files for several weeks on my Sprint 700wx and vzw 700w w/ 1.22 update and zero tmail issues so far.

    If beta4 worked for you before I would revert back to it w/o the WM6 files if you are having issues with them.
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    So I hard reset the phone and didn't load a single program back on and its working without crashing. I am leaning towards Phone Alarm as the culprit of the crashing
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    I didnt have phone alarm installed, still got error also was getting device.exe error, I also done another hard reset and currently using ver4 no problem.

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