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    How do i stop my phone from trying to dial 911 ? I have all my keys locked and apaprently one key will trigger your phone to set to dial 911 its scary. It will show up at the bottom as Emergency 9 ?

    Ive had the treo for almost a year now and the worst feature on this phone si the fact even with locked touchscreen and keys when turned off it stills omehow manages to find a way to hit keys on its own and do go ridiculous
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    you might be able to block outgoing call and make 911 one of them.
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    Is 911 attached to a speed dial? If so clear it from there - suspect from your message it is attached to speed dial 9. If the 9 or V key is pressed and held, it will dial the 911. Go from the Today screen Menu button, then Speed dial options.

    I do not think blocking outgoing 911 is a good idea. I would not want to be in a situation where I must dial 911 and I am not able to due to a block that I put in effect.

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