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    My 7th defective 700p was replaced by Verizon with a brand new 700wx -- yippee! I finally have a product that isn't plagued with network problems and connects to data flawlessly. I tried searching the threads but couldn't find answers to these questions, I'm hoping you guys can help me out:

    • Is there any way to get Pocket Outlook to send an email immediately instead of waiting for the next send/receive interval?
    • Is there any way, in Pocket IE, to navigate to the URL entry box via key press? Right now I have to use the stylus or my finger.
    • Is there any way to get Pocket IE to highlight phone numbers on a web page and let me dial them by clicking on them? 700p does this, it's a fantastic feature.
    • USB Modem (for tethering) does not allow me to enable functionality for a USB connection -- selecting ENABLE does nothing. I have it tethered to a Mac, and according to the docs it is supposed to work in USB mode just fine on a Pocket PC tethered to a Mac. Anyone have experience with this?

    That's it for now, so far having fun with the 700wx. Thanks guys!
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    I believe if you scroll all the way up with the D-Pad in PIE, you can get to the address bar.

    I don't know the answers to the rest of your questions.
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    hit the option button and the green start key to navigate directly to the url
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    Thanks guys! I tried your tips, but the option+dial key combo does not work when the browser is in full screen mode -- unfortunately this is the mode I prefer to use.

    I looked up registry tweaks but there doesn't seem to be anything to address this issue, as well as the phone number on web page issue, which makes using Pocket IE very difficult one-handed.

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