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    I have posted several threads about how my phone gives me issues when dialing and says hanging up and gives me poo ups and or when I call and someone picks up they can hear me but I cant hear them. I soft reset and these issues get fixed but happens several times a day. Here is the purpose of this post. I have been in las vegas since thursday and i have used my phone just as much if not more. I have not once had any of these issues here at all. This leads me to say that it is a issue specefic to orlando and in that area. What can I do to have this resoloved now that I know its local.
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    It is always hard to get network issues resolved. You could try going to a local Sprint store and explain the issue just like you did here. If it is local, I'm sure they would have heard about it.

    You could try calling customer service and ask for the technical department, then explain it to them so they can atleast get a ticket open for you.

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