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    We are super excited to release UltimateSearch. Check it out
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    Very nice software!

    Glad to see you guys are getting into WM development. Like others have consistently said, your taste for graphic design is quite impressive! I hope you will have more programs to add some aesthetic value to WM, lol.

    Couple of minor things:

    Under Preferences: I notice it's not d-pad selectable on my 700wx. Not a huge deal, but it adds consistency. For now I have to use my stylus.

    The Youtube search feature is also great including the popup about the streamer but...

    a. Do you plan on using Zbop's, imo, better method? Original/PPCMag
    b. Can you make an option for Full Youtube vs. Mobile Youtube? (zbop's uses the full site)
    c. The pop up "info" Window for Youtube brings up a blank box

    Other than that, it's low memory, light, very elegant looking and a great plugin.

    I look forward to your future products!

    ps If you haven't already, feel free to post your software at under the PPC Software or Developers thread (the former gets more attention though).

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    Thanks for your input. I have forwarded it to the development team for review
    For others that have requests, please use this form. It is the best way to let us know
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    on your page btw under the what can be accomplished "select any fo" typo should be OF

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