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    i have searched the db and could not find a threads on how to email to multiple addresses n the 750. I was able to on my bb but am new to wm.

    is their a link to a post or does anyne know how it can be done.
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    WM5 or WM6 does not have native distribution lists. You have to enter the email address one after another.

    There are a couple of 3rd party programs out there. Some do not work on the VGA square screen and some do not work that well.

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    thank you, looks like the BB wins on this one.
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    Funny I never thought to do this. My company has DL lists set up so I can send an email to say and it goes to the whole department. But those are set up in exchange, not my personal contacts.
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    I just make a new contact in outlook. Instead of a name I put in the name of my distribution list, and then I enter all the E-mail addresses (separated by semi colon) in the E-mail field.
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    Outlook does not allow you to create this with multiple, but pocket outlook does!

    Thank you

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    OK there is a limit to the amount of email addresses I can paste into the email field of a pocket outlook contact. That limit is smaller than several of my distribution lists.

    Oh well I will wait and hope for a better 3rd party software solution.

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    You can create a favorite, choose application email, then put in all of the email addresses and save it.
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    Or put them into a word document, then cut & paste into the e-mail address field.
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