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    In Poutlook, I set offpeak hours for Manual syncing. I would use the Send/Receive button to check for new email during this time. In WM6, Send/Receive is now greyed out. Anyone know why? Anyone else experience this?

    Also, in my Exchange account in Poutlook, Deleted Items don't seem to be syncing properly with the server. Any insight into this too?

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    I set up a Yahoo account aside my Exchange account and found that Send/Receive is only greyed out for my Exchange account. It is accessible in the Yahoo account.

    Any reason why this is? In WM5, Send/Receive was always available. Can anyone verify that they get the same options with these types of accounts? (By the way, my Exchange account in POutlook is connected to Kerio MailServer. Everything worked perfect in WM5, just this one difference in WM6. Perhaps its just turned off in WM6?)

    Thanks again!
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    I noticed it before on another wm6 phone, but on my 750 the exchange account does not have it greyed out.

    I assumed it was because you are supposed to open activesync and choose "sync," which does the send/receive for you.
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    Well.. I deleted the account and recreated it. Now its no longer greyed out. In case you have this problem, just recreate the Exchange account in ActiveSync.


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