View Poll Results: The amount I paid for my new 700wx ? Sorry, for Sprint only this time.

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  • Paid LESS then the current Sprint 700wx price of $299.

    8 53.33%
  • Paid MORE than $299 which is the current Sprint 700wx.

    5 33.33%
  • Paid the SAME as the current Sprint 700wx price of $299.

    2 13.33%
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    Why does the Mogul and the 700wx both cost the same after all discounts $299.

    Also the 700wx is lists for $649 and this phone is older. Mogul which is new is $549.

    I do not understand why the list price is higher for an older phone which is running an older operating system and camera. While the Mogul costs less and has better camera, wm6 and is new. But mostly I do not understand why they both have a list price of $299. This also means the treo costs more now then when I got I paid $250. Kinda of lost with "cell marketing." Would someone care to explain?

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    Please ignore the "for" in my poll question, I should for proof read my poll.
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    The phone has been out for a long time, perhaps Palm has stopped making them and Sprint has a limited supply.

    Maybe Sprint isnt selling as many Mogul's as they anticipated, so they lowered the price.

    Mostly likely this isnt a sprint issue at all, but Palm/HTC setting the price.
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    The retail price is probably set by the manufacturer, and it can vary depending on how much it costs to make the phone and such. The price after rebates is something Sprint does, and that varies according to a lot of things. Right now, the Mogul is a new phone, and they want people to buy it. The Treo is a different form factor, so don't think the price is only affected by the features. Yeah, it has a lower quality camera, an older OS, and it's older in general, but it's the only full Windows Mobile phone with this form factor. The Mogul is a slider, vs. the candybar format of the Treo. Business users are more likely to go with the Treo because of this. The Mogul is geared towards both business users and young users. I know there's a lot of teenagers and young adults today that want phones like the Mogul (I think the trend started with the Sidekick). Don't worry though. When the 800w comes out, you can be sure the 700wx will be drastically lowered in price.

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