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    I've tried searching but can't seem to find if these issues have changed in WM6.

    When you open the calendar in day view, does the d-pad still page up and down or does it now scroll through (or highlight) each meeting (thus allowing you to select a specific meeting without using the touchpad)?

    Once the meeting is open, if the meeting contains a phone number, are you now able to select the phone number so that it can automatically be dialed vs having to go to the phone screen and re-enter the phone number manually?

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    Just checked that. It works like you want, and you can dial attendees with no touch screen use.

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    Thanks for checking. Based on this I upgraded but it didn't work like I expected.

    My first issue (using the d-pad to select individual appointments) works now - Yah!

    However, I am still unable to select a phone number inside an appointment and dial it by simply pressing the center d-pad button. My calendar is being updated via active sync to my corporate Exchange environment (I don't know if that makes a difference).

    In my corporation, it's common practice to put the conference number in the location field of the outlook appointment. However, it doesn't seem to matter if it is in the location field or the body of appointment (although technically if it is in the body you can execute a cut and paste).

    When I open an appointment, I would expect any phone number to be underlined (like it used to work on my old Treo 650) so that I could use the d-pad to scroll to it, hit the button, and then the number is dialed. I've checked appointments that I created and others that I'm just an attendee and it works the same.

    Thanks anyone for the help.
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    Sorry. Its just attendees that can be dialed. I hope you are otherwise happy with WM6.


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