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    Maybe I'm a retard. But, I always end up pressing the god damn Mute button on the touchscreen. Is there any way to disable this button without disabling the whole touch screen? I often make use of the touch screen during calls but do not want to be hitting that damn mute button (next to the speakerphone).
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    I don't think you can disable the button without turning off the whole screen...
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    Probably doesn't apply, but...

    Sometimes I hit a button to light up the screen while on a call. I used to hit the center button, until I realized that it defaulted to turning on mute. Now I just hit the space-bar button.

    Also, I find that almost everything on the phone is available using the keypad, you hardly need the touchscreen during a call anyway. I often check the Contact list and my Calendar while on a call just using the keypad. You might want to try that and leave the touchscreen disabled. You can even continue to talk while you are checking your contact list for an address, for instance.


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