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    I just bought a used 750 to install WM6 on it. But I do not know where to find the ROM.. Can some one explain how to upgrade?

    Btw, I'm from Italy and here we have a branded Vodafone 750 but it's an unlocked one... I mean, even if there is the Vodafone brand we can use it with every european operator.
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    Palm had XDA remove the link for the update. Hopefully Palm & ATT will release the WM6 update soon like by the end of this month.
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    I've found the ROm on another site... it seems works well... just a problem with the calendar...

    Whne I insert an appointment (eg. 10-12) I cannot change the time later! I mean, if I want to change from 10-12 to 10-13... i change the hour but when I exit from the corresponding field it goes back to the previos value..

    I do not thnk I'm doing somthing wrong cause in WM5 I did not have this problem.. anyone with the same problem?

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