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    VZW - not my favorite folks right now. Had a Moto Q (biggest piece of garbage ever produced) and after the 3rd one died tonight, wonder CSR at the VZW store informs me that my replacement would be the 700 WX. Nothing else "on the replacement matrix". Not having the time to call the 1-800 number and then wait for the replacement to be FedEx'ed next week, I sighed and took the brick offered this evening. It's a new unit thankfully and ActiveStynk worked as well as it did on the Q (when the phone functioned that is). Anyway, I had a T600 years ago and am going to try and get used to using a Treo with Winblowz(R) as an operating system. Hopefully, this is a hell of a lot more stable than MS Mobile 5 for Dumbphones was. At least it hits the Exchange server no problem and dumped everything back in the new phone.

    I'm sure I'll be reading a lot to see what works well. I noticed the Y! Go thread above - I had the original on the Q and it was worthless. Any "must have" apps before I go searching through all the threads? Looks like I'm staying with the Treo for a while until VZW decides to get a decent Crackberry in their lineup. I really tried to resist joining the herds in the airports (I travel for a living as a consultant) but I guess there's a reason RIM is so dominant in the business world. I want a Pearl 2 or Curve IF VZW ever decides to release either in CDMA. Rumor mill says yes but I will believe it when I see it with my own two eyes.

    BTW - how's the battery life on these things? Reception seems to be pretty good from what 3 hours of experience I've seen so far. Sigh - new case, new car charger. C'est est la vie, non?
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    Congrats...the Treo 700wx is probably the most stable WM phone on the market as well as in the Palm phone lineup. The battery life is decent, but check out seidio online's extended batteries. They have one that's stock size and gives you 33% more battery life. You might also be interested in Zoti's replacement antenna.

    Seidio Extended Battery

    Treo Antenna Replacement
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    i have bothe the 700wx and the Q... the Q is garbage compared to the 700wx in all ways
    I had to ditch my 700wx for a Blackberry...
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    Thanks for the info - I'll give the battery a couple of cycles to get ramped up and "conditioned" then see where I am on endurance. So far, it seems to be working like a champ although I've had precious little time to mess around with it so far. Although this is probably old news, I had originally dismissed the 700W as another Winblowz(R) slow POS when I looked at it originally. Playing around with this last night, I was pleasantly surprised with how snappy it was. Then I finally got around to looking at the memory manager to remember - duh, this is the 700wX. Amazing what a little WM5 tweaking and throwing a hell of a lot more memory does for the performance huh?

    Also, although Treos still basically have the form factor of a brick, this is a much nicer one than my original T600. 2 shift keys (Thank God!) and almost in the right places, keyboard is pretty good for me, battery cover doesn't creak, voice quality is as good as my GF's RAZR (which is excellent on VZW here in Ellicott City, MD). Wish WM supported the 320x320 res - but hey, can't have everything.

    Yes - the Q was abysmal. I went through 3 in 8 months. All software deaths. Left me stranded leaving BWI late going to Harlingen, TX sans cell phone arriving at 10:00pm. Ever try to get into an airport late, find your boss and make it to Weslaco (20 miles out in the middle of nowhere) all without being able to call anyone or get to your email?? Battery life & reception sucked, slow, buggy with horribly crippled software. And those were it's good points
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    Palm just sent me a 700wx to replace the 7th defective 700p in under 12 months -- the lastest having been killed by the 1.10 MR. I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER! The 700wx is a pleasure to use, the Windows OS is much more functional, responsive, and stable than POS (appropriate acronym, I think). I am a very happy camper right now.

    You will love your 700wx.
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    sounds like your mind and attitude about the Wx is already made up...nothing I can say that will change that. Good luck with your quest for happiness.
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    Well - I'm a happy camper so far too today. Was at the GF's company picnic - everything worked great, reception out in Patapsco Park was good (and that's a bad cell phone area in general), battery still hanging there after lots of voice, checking baseball scores, etc. and if the WM5 platform works as advertised (it has so far) then I can definitely live with the 700wx and smile. I need great phone performance first and Outlook in the palm of my hand (no pun intended ) on the fly. Several of GF's co-workers (engineering consulting firm) commented that "friends with 700p's had lots of issues". So I was glad to be able to tell them - "this isn't a 700p and it's been fine so far".

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