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    I just made the huge jump from a wonderful Sanyo 4900 cell phone and Handspring Visor Platinum to the Treo 700wx. I got a new laptop with Vista Home Premium on it and I could no long sync with my PDA. I was able to put Palm Desktop 4.01 on my laptop and copy over the files for my addresses and calendar.

    Is there any way for me to get my Palm Desktop files onto my Treo? My PDA screen cracked and died, so I can't beam the info.

    Also, I use Thunderbird for my email, and I really don't want to go to Outlook. Would Plaxo be an option for me to be able to update the info (contacts and stuff in TB and contacts and calendar from Palm Desktop) and sync it with my Treo? I really don't want to have to manually enter this stuff in.

    I have downloaded and installed Windows Mobile Device Center. Do I need to install anything from the disk that came with my phone? I gather I don't need ActiveSync since I'm on Vista.

    Where can I get Today Screen Icon Plus, or any other cool apps for my Today Screen? I did look at the Sticky Message with links to threads on downloading stuff for the phone (Must Haves, etc), but I'm totally lost on this stuff (and I am pretty geeky, but just not with phones yet).

    Is there a good tutorial somewhere for those of us who have jumped to this phone without working our way up?

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    You've found one of the best resources out there in this website. I can't answer your first two questions, but a search may help as I did see some info recently regarding transferring files from Palm Desktop to a 700. WMDC is the AS replacement in Vista so no need for it. As far as tutorials and places for software, look around here and I like but and Microsoft's site have a number of available apps as well.

    Have fun tweaking your Treo, I've become addicted!

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