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    My 700W Verizon works ok most of the time... One thing that is really inconsistent is memory usage...

    Here is an example...

    I did a soft reset. I opened up Task Manager 2.7. I opened up the memory page in Settings and it says there's about 8MB free. Leaving both of those in memory, I open SiriusWM5 and connect to a Sirius radio channel. That in turn launches TCPMP and attempts to connect to the 35kbps stream and successfully does. I go back into Task Manager 2.7 to see how much each program is using. For some reason now the SiriusWM5 application closes on its own for no reason. Sometimes if I repeat the same process the TCPMP is what closes on its own. Pretty frustrating!

    I see this operating system related. The OS thinks it won't have enough memory to run both programs so it closes one of them. In reality, when SiriusWM5 and TCPMP are both running they collectively take up about 4MB so it should not be happening. The wierd part is that I don't have the same amount of RAM free after a soft reset. It varies between 6 and 8mb free. Oxios Hibernate helps a bit..

    Are there tweaks to do in order to make the OS less aggressive about closing applications when it thinks you will run out of memory? Would running programs from my SD card help? (My guess is no.) Is there something I can do to make the unit have more free program memory? The only tray application I have is PDAnet.
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    I tweaked it so the OS won't close programs until 2MB RAM instead of 5MB. Works great! thanks!

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